We’ve all been to the movies and experienced an absolute marvel in entertainment. Then we go to a fast-food restaurant shortly afterwards and see the film’s logo and perhaps some other merchandise stuck across a happy meal. You’re able to but other licensed merchandise in clothes stores, and other such places, and see that motion picture’s imagery all over it. Well, now film studios are starting to license their content for online casino games.

You may think that games are almost like movies in their own right – take recent release Book of Ra for instance – now that’s a game that could be turned into a movie. But, out there are already games using film content. Below, we take a look at the best three movie themed online casino games that you can play right now. First a brief history of the online gaming world.

The online casino industry is huge. Just last year it generated almost as much money as Disney – around $50 billion. That’s also double the amount that the industry was worth in 2009 and a long way from the low millions it took in the early days. The first online casino was set up all of the way back in 1994 and was as basic as you can imagine.

Back in the early days, all that you could do was play basic poker games, some online slots and of course the casino favourites like blackjack and roulette. Then, of course, the internet exploded and was in virtually every home by the end of the decade. Before long, we were all connected and as user confidence grew, so did many online businesses, including the online gaming industry.

There are now thousands and thousands of online casino websites and many games available, which we mentioned previously, and range from original games like Book of Ra, through to the movie and television tie-ins we’ve all grown to love.

Let’s take a look at our favourite three online casino slots.

Jurassic World

There’s a second movie due in cinemas this summer – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – but you can already load up a game based on the original movie, which was released in 2015. The $1 billion-plus franchise revolves around a theme park on an island somewhere off the coast of Costa Rica, and stars Hollywood heavyweights Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The online game allows you to take control of more than 50 dinosaurs on said island of Isla Nublar, taking you right into the story of the movie, which has delighted millions of film fans across the planet.


If dinosaurs aren’t your thing, then how about a game based around the hit comedy Bridesmaids from director Paul Feig. The film focusses on the exploits of Lillian, Annie, Helen, Megan, Rita and Becca and you’re able to challenge the game and win prizes based on their hilarious exploits. With games titled Scattered Cupcakes and Wild Bridesmaids, the online casino game is bound to win over fans of the original movie.

Man Of Steel

Arguably the biggest movie genres out there now are the superhero/ comic book franchises. With Marvel churning out movies for the past ten years, with no sign of slowing down, and DC Films aiming to match their enormous success, online games are something that we’ll see tying up with the film versions for some time to come. One of the best DC movies is the Superman re-invention Man Of Steel, the film which saw Henry Cavill take to the sky as the caped wonder. The online game version allows users to travel to Superman’s home planet of Krypton, hang out with Lois Lane in Metropolis, and aim to defeat villains like the evil General Zod. With more Superman and DC heroes movies planned, expect to see more hit online sites in the future, but they’ll have to go some to defeat this superb slot from a couple of years back.