The James Bond film franchise is always a huge talking point in the movie world due to its iconic status and award laden history. Whilst other film franchises such as Jurassic Park, Terminator and Star Wars continue to permeate popular culture, from popular catch phrases to online slot games, none of these can boast the longevity of 007’s impact on our imagination.

The last James Bond film was Spectre which was released in 2015 and featured Daniel Craig in the main role. Details of the next film, due for release in 2019, have already been publicised, naming Neal Purvis and Robert Wade as the films’ writers. Following that, Craig confirmed in August 2017 that he would be playing Bond in the next film, but that it would be his last time doing so.

However, in a world that is obsessed by everything Bond, Daniel Craig’s announcement did nothing to quell any further speculation; it only fanned the fires of intrigue. Questions were already immediately considered as to who could take on the role next, with names such as Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston thrown into the ring. Similarly, once one detail is confirmed there other aspects that may still be cause for speculation.

With that in mind, we have compiled a quick review of everything we know about the next Bond film so far in the hope of providing some clarity for fans of the franchise. From the film’s release date to writers and actors, find out all the available information so far below:

Details: The Next Bond Film after Spectre

A good place to start is with the main man himself as we know that already. Craig will play 007 once more in the next bond film following his appearance in 2015’s Spectre. The reason why the subject keeps coming up is because Craig’s participation had been in doubt for many months prior to his announcement confirming that he would indeed take part.  The name of the upcoming film has not been officially announced, but the odd- sounding Shatter and can be found prominently online as one suggestion of a title.

In terms of the supporting cast, the news is thin on the ground but it would be such a waste if Spectre’s infamous villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld didn’t make a comeback in the next instalment. Played by Christoph Waltz, the character captivated the imagination of Bond fans everywhere. In addition to Craig’s supporting cast, there is also the obsession with Bond girls to address, but similarly, not much information has been released on that front either. No doubt we’ll get to know more as the film’s arrival on the big screen draws nearer.

What we do know is the release date of the next Bond film, which is set for the 8th of November in 2019. That may seem like an awfully long way away for James Bond fans to wait, but at least that is an official date, and making big-name Hollywood blockbusters takes time. Handling the script will be writers Robert Wade and Neal Purvis who have long since worked on the franchise and are responsible for some of its best-loved iterations.

The next Bond film will reportedly have parts of its story filmed in the Croatian City of Dubrovnik, also used as the location for Game of Thrones, although this hasn’t been confirmed yet. The Movie will no doubt be filmed in various locations, many of which may only be discovered when the film airs. And at the end of it all, that is the one thing we can be certain of; James Bond will return.