He wowed audiences in Netflix’s break-out TV series Mindhunter, and now Holt McCallany will appear opposite Gerard Butler in the third film in the Olympus Has Fallen series Angel Has Fallen.

Deadline reports the news of the casting and give a few more details about the character that he will play. The trade says that ‘McCallany is set to play an old and close friend of Butler’s Secret Service agent Mike Banning called Wade Jennings. The leading role is an ex-military man who is now the head of technology company’. They add that as one would expect from the ‘Fallen’ flicks, McCallany’s ‘Jennings is playing more than one side in the Ric Roman Waugh directed movie’.

Shooting is set to start on the action film very soon. McCallany is a busy boy this year. After Angel Has Fallen, the actor will return to the Netflix series for season 2, which kicks off shooting in he spring.

More on both projects as it comes our way.