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A film based upon the life and outstanding career of Marlon Brando is in the works, so reports The Hollywood Reporter. The trade reports that Brian Oliver’s New Republic Pictures has optioned George Englund’s memoir, ‘The Way It’s Never Been Done Before’, as the basis for a film on the two-time Oscar-winning actor, as captured by Brando’s longtime friend and former director.

Englund and Brando were friends for nearly fifty years and Englund even directed him in the 1950s movie The Ugly American. Englund passed away earlier this year.

Here’s some more info on the source material:

This is an intimate and exceptionally candid memoir of the reclusive superstar Marlon Brando and a portrait of his decades-long friendship with the author, George Englund. Since bellowing and blustering his way into the spotlight with A Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon Brando has been one of the most revered performers in the world. He was also incredibly reclusive, having shied away from the spotlight for decades. Marlon Brando, written by Brando’s close friend George Englund, offers an intimate glimpse into the life and death of the amazing theatrical legend and a portrait of the friendship the two men shared. This book is one of the most compelling inside views of an epic friendship between two dynamic, eloquent men that has ever been written. It is as unique as Brando was. The author wanted to write the book that Brando deserved — one that would do him justice and portray him as he really was. Marlon Brando honors Brando’s memory and paints a portrait of the true man behind the legend.

“George and Marlon’s friendship spanned five decades and covered all the ups and downs in the actor’s career and personal life,” said Oliver to the trade paper. “It makes for both an epic portrayal of the greatest actor ever to grace the silver screen and an intimate story of two men with an almost brotherly bond.”

There’s no time frame on the planned biopic, but we’ll keep you posted. More at the end of the link above.