After storming the box-office back in September with nearly $400 million in worldwide gross (from a reported $104 million budget), Kingsman: The Golden Circle looks like it will have a follow-up.

Speaking with Comic Book Movie at a Blu-ray event for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Visual Effects Supervisor Angus Bickerton said, “We’ve had the briefest of conversations with Matthew [Vaughn] about it…he’s got plans,” indicating the filmmaker could be making a return to the franchise for a third installment.

The Kingsman franchise has already made a ton of money for backers 20th Century Fox, and while I wasn’t particularly enamored with the second installment, I feel that the series may still have a few places left to go.

CBM also reminds us of comments that Vaughn previously made:  “I think there’s a story in my head which will be finished by the end of the next one,” Vaughn said when the second film hit cinemas. “And then after that then, of course, there could be Statesman movies, there could be spinoff character films. The universe could continue with new agents. Or, you know, Colin (Firth) could become Arthur (…) or new characters could come in. Or new kids get trained. There’s so many options, but I also think it’s better not to be too greedy.”

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