Anyone will tell you, there is something special about poker. Poker players across the world can play with each other from the comfort of their own home, with online poker sites to embrace the popular card game. With this popularity, poker was then introduced into the film and television world, where poker is to be seen full of mystery, romance and intrigue. Poker is a game of skill and not luck, as demonstrated in these top 5 films about poker…

5) Maverick (Richard Donner, USA 1994)  

With an all-star cast like Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Garner, this high-stake poker movie could only keep poker fans entertained. The film itself, was based around a 1960s television show, Mel Gibson who plays Bret Maverick has to prove he’s the best poker player in the American Old West by beating the competition at a poker game. This entertaining comedy features some delightful performances, despite how unrealistic some aspects of the game are. An example would be, the odds of a royal flush beating a straight flush in the same hand are extremely unlikely. However, this movie is without a doubt a good watch if you are a poker fan.   

4) A Big Hand for the Little Lady (Fielder Cook, USA, 1966)

This movie is as about as old school as it can get, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great poker film. A fantastic line up including, Henry Fonda, Paul Ford and Jason Robards who find themselves in a high-stakes poker game. Henry Fonda plays a poor farmer who is an awful poker player but joins the high-stake game, he ends up loosing his life’s savings which resorts to him having a heart attack. This is where his wife Mary (Joanna Woodward) takes his place in the game. This fun-loving film is a must see for those who are a lover of the game.

3) Casino Royale (Martin Campbell, UK, 2006)

The Bond franchise is a huge success, so it is no wonder that this movie did so well. In this particular Bond film, Daniel Craig battles a banker of one of the world’s largest terrorist organisations in yet another high-stakes game. This film offers mystery, danger and romance all around the popular game of poker.

2) Rounders (John Dahl, USA, 1998)

Perhaps one of the most famous poker playing movies, where the film tells the story of Mike McDermott (Matt Damon), a great player who lost all his money and quit the game. Then his best friend Worm (Edward Norton) gets out of prison owing money to the wrong sorts of people, forcing Mike back into the game at the cost of his friendship and relationship with his girlfriend. Whilst the reviews were rather varied, poker enthusiasts tend to love this film and give it two thumbs up.

1) The Cincinnati Kid (Norman Jewison, USA, 1965)

This is a must-see for any true poker enthusiast! Steve McQueen plays the young player who is trying to take down an old pro, in a classic game of 5 card stud. The film is a little outdated since it did come out in 1965, despite this it does win major props for the realistic depiction of the game with the best stare down ever! Most poker enthusiasts call this the best poker film of all time.