After John Wick: Chapter Two remarkable performance at the box-office earlier this year, pre-production has reportedly started on the movie that will round out the trilogy, so reports Omega Underground.

John Wick: Chapter Two bagged an impressive $170 million from around the world upon release, all from a reported $40 million budget. A follow-up up was green-lit slightly before the second movie hit cinemas and a release date was set for May 17th, 2019 shortly afterward.

Series creator Derek Kolstad has written the screenplay for John Wick: Chapter Three, and has supposedly finished up work on it completely.

Jerusalem and Tokyo are said to be potential destinations for the new movie, but that hasn’t been 100% confirmed.

Casting kicks off in the new year with shooting reportedly starting in the spring with Keanu Reeves returning in the title role.

More as we get it.