All movie-makers love to put a little casino action into their films. There’s something so glamorous about the events that unfold around the gaming tables that it’s perfect for livening up even the dullest screenplay. So here’s a look at the top ten movies to tempt us into taking a trip to the casino!


We had to start our list with Martin Scorsese’s gambling masterpiece. This has everything you need in a casino film with Robert De Niro very impressive as the guy from the mob who takes over a Las Vegas gambling establishment. But it was Sharon Stone’s show-stopping performance as Ginger McKenna that really added that all-important glamour factor.

Ocean’s Eleven

But for suave sophistication it’s hard to beat the 2001 remake of Ocean’s Eleven. With an awesome script that saw a bunch of very stylish guys attempting a heist of a casino in Las Vegas, it was funny and action-packed in equal measure. And you can’t really fail when you have a cast with the formidable talents of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon!

Casino Royale

Even James Bond can’t keep away from the gaming tables. This 2006 movie introduced us to Daniel Craig as 007, and he quickly showed us what a great choice he was to be the British spy. With a mammoth poker match opposite the wonderfully villainous Le Chiffre, Bond once again showed us how we all need nerves of steel to succeed in this classic casino game.

The Gambler

Lots of people thought that Mark Wahlberg’s recent remake of The Gambler wasn’t a patch on the 1974 original. But the way that Wahlberg’s character managed to take on the gangland bosses with his fierce determination at the gaming tables will certainly provide us with plenty of inspiration the next time that we head to a casino!


All blackjack fans should check out 21 which saw a bunch of brainy college kids attempting to crack the system behind this legendary card game. Obviously things don’t go quite to plan and they have an inevitable run in with some nasty underworld characters. But still it shows that there can be a method for picking up some cash at the casinos.


Matt Damon has had something of a chequered history with the gaming tables. And so it’s nice to see him using this in his great portrayal of a reformed gambler who has to return to big stakes poker in order to help a friend pay off his debts.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

OK so this is more about drug-induced psychosis and gonzoid journalism than gambling fever. But watching Johnny Depp running amok amidst the gaming tables in Las Vegas will certainly give us a good idea of what not to do when we next play free roulette at!

The Cincinnati Kid

Sometimes it’s the old movies that are the best. And this is definitely the case if you get to watch The Cincinnati Kid that sees Steve McQueen as a poker player who has to overcome formidable odds to prove his worth.

The Sting

Similarly, there’s something endlessly enjoyable in watching movie icons like Robert Redford and Paul Newman getting to grips with gaming culture in this classic crime caper. Whilst getting one over on a criminal underworld boss with amazing gaming skills is nothing new, it’s the way that the pair do it in such a stylish manner that’s irresistibly entertaining.

The Hangover

And finally, just one more reminder of what could happen if you were a little careless at the gaming tables. This gloriously daft comedy saw Bradley Cooper and his buddies doing everything wrong you could think off in a particularly debauched trip to Las Vegas!