Empire magazine has debuted the new trailer for the Paddy Considine-directed Journeyman, a film in which he also stars. The promo comes just weeks after the film debuted at the 2017 BFI London Film Festival. You can watch the Journeyman trailer in the player below.

Journeyman trailerIn Journeyman, Matty (Considine) is quite the skilled fighter in the ring, currently holding onto a World Champion title. However, his priority, first and foremost, is his wife Emma (Jodie Whitaker) and his newborn daughter, Mia. After a fight leaves his life changed forever, Matty must muster whatever strength he can find and fight to win back everything he loves.

As we said in our original, very positive review, on the surface, Journeyman follows the standard genre formula – boxer at the top of their game is left without cause and has to fight for it back – and whilst this film does occasionally hit those beats, it’s fairly different from most of its genre counterparts.

We added: ‘It’s gripping, sobering viewing. The direction and writing from Considine is competent and promises great things to come from him in future, as a filmmaker. This is by no means a flawless film though, and the pacing can feel a little choppy at times; this feels due to a screenplay that, as strong as it is, is not quite as lean and sharp as it could be with some convoluted storytelling in the middle act. For a film that is as short as this one is (clocking in just over 80 minutes), it drags quite a bit and feels a lot longer than it is. Regardless, Journeyman is emotional, astute and compelling: a journey worth taking.’

You can check out the full review over here, and the brand new Journeyman trailer in the player below. Journeyman opens in UK cinemas on February 16th, 2018.