Whether it’s movies, books, games or even real life events, providing the subject is popular enough the chances that we’ll soon see that spread across the various forms of media is close to certainty at this point.  We’ve seen hundreds of books being adapted into extremely successful films and we’ve also seen films being adapted into video games. The opposite has also been true for a long time with movie adaptions of games such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which, although generally a flop, propelled beloved actress Angelina Jolie into fame. With all these forms of media feeding of each other we’ve seen some great creations spread across all forms of media. Just like great adaptions such as “Fight Club” and “Shawshank Redemption” succeeded in honoring its source book material, few have managed to actually bring with them a successful game or two. This is a short list of the titles that managed to pull off all three categories in flying colors.

Let’s kick off with a title that’s most likely already on everyone’s mind and one of the very few to complete the exceedingly rare trifecta of great books, movies and games – The Lord of The Rings. Having been adapted to various platforms ranging from the PC to mobile games the total collection is indeed vast. With around 30 games based upon the genre there is something for every fan of Tolkien’s work out there. Be it an MMORPG that can stand tall alongside titans such as World of Warcraft (Lord of The Rings Online), games closely depicting the story from the movies or new and fresh stories within the universe – Middle Earth has you covered.

Reigning supreme when it comes to amount of books sold, and perhaps the only series to rival Lord of The Rings in worldwide recognizability, the magical world of Harry Potter is a clear entrance on this list. With over 500 million copies sold within the series of seven books, second place (Goosebumps by R L. Stine) being at 350 million which includes ten times as many books, the Harry Potter phenomenon is truly remarkable. Not only was the younger audience charmed either as in anticipation for the new release in the series you could even find Sport Betting sites where you could make a wager as to who would win in the school Quidditch matches in the upcoming book. The series often gets referred to as the one which saved a younger generation from a book-less upbringing and lead to eight immensely popular movies based upon the original series of seven books. Although the games, especially the LEGO adaptions, targeted a younger audience they still managed to see great success within all age groups. Being released on the nearly every gaming platform available, the accessibility surely helped Harry to nail even the games criteria of this list.