In early August, the video-streaming company Netflix made a huge announcement: They had acquired Millarworld, the independent comic publishing company that was founded by Mark Millar.

Millarworld 101

Millar is a well-known and successful comic book creator who is the creative force behind a number of iconic characters including Kingsman and Kick-Ass. Millar is also the creative mind behind some of Marvel’s most well-known storylines, including Old Man Logan and The Ultimates.

Along with his wife Lucy, who is also a highly talented comic book artist in her own right, Millar created Millarworld as a way to publish the couples’ original creations, and also to create licensed products from their series, including toys, video games, clothes and more. Needless to say, devout fans of TV and film are following this announcement quite closely, along with the implications for what may hit the small screen next via Netflix.

What the Acquisition Might Mean

Netflix’s acquisition of Millarworld might indicate that the video-streaming company has some incredibly lofty goals in mind — specifically, successfully copying the tactics of The Walt Disney Company, an enormous powerhouse of a company that has a huge vault of intellectual property. From Lucasfilm, which brings us the incredibly popular Star Wars series of movies, to Pixar and the Marvel comic book creator, Disney has acquired a large number of companies and their accompanying characters — everyone from Darth Vader to Buzz Lightyear.

Interestingly, Netflix has already done quite well with its portrayal of a number of Marvel characters; the company garnered critical acclaim for the way it handled troubled heroes including Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Fans of Millarworld are hoping that Netflix will do just as well with Millar’s works including Jupiter’s Legacy and Reborn.

By completing its first-ever acquisition and purchasing the comic book company Millarworld, along with gaining access to Mark Millar and his broad range of talents, Netflix has put itself into a good position to essentially become the next Disney. While Millar may not be a household name like George Lucas, comic book fans and non-fans alike are actually pretty familiar with his work, which was the foundation for popular movies including Logan, The Avengers and Captain America: Civil War. These three movies earned a combine total of $3 billion in sales, which is definitely not chump change.

Netflix Is Now a Great Resource for Comic Book Fans

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As for what we can expect from the acquisition, Netflix notes that together, the company that Millar will bring Millarworld’s portfolio of character franchises to the small screen through kids’ shows, series and films — all of which will be available to Netflix members around the world. Netflix plans to spend $6 billion on programming by the end of 2017 alone; as time goes on, it will be interesting to see how the Millarworld acquisition impacts what we can see on Netflix, as well as what the company will do next.