Madame Tussauds may have the Avengers, but from Warner Brothers Studios in the center of London exists an experience entirely dedicated to making you feel like one of the Justice League. The Justice League Experience is, for any superhero fan, pure joy, with rooms dedicated to each respective member and even virtual reality stations to top it off. While the rooms vary in quality, each offers something unique and essential to the full experience, with short interactive activities throughout.

With props and costumes from the actual set, each room holds an impressive level of detail. The Flash’s room has its own personal library alongside quirky costume sketches, notes and a sewing machine, while Wonder Woman’s office comes with sculptures, microscopes and antique memorabilia. These two rooms in particular really help flesh out the characters, giving us an idea of what they might be doing when they’re not suited up saving the world, something every fan is eager to know. Aquaman’s bar comes complete with tropical drinks; Cyborg’s lab features an interactive hologram of a globe; and the Batcave gives you the option of dodging a Batarang in bullet time.

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After gawking at all the props and set pieces, you can even go beyond with green screens and VR. You can take photos where you’re inserted into the film’s promotional poster, but with VR you get to actually be the Justice League. The game gives you the option to play as any of the six characters, with missions specifically tailored to each one. Wonder Woman is undoubtedly the most fun, fighting Parademons up close and personal with your sword and shield, while Aquaman’s is likely the most visual, placing you on the chase for a giant sea monster. You can also drive the Batmobile, slow down time as the Flash, fly through mountains as Superman, or wield a blaster as Cyborg.

All in all, the Justice League Experience is wildly fun. Children will be thrilled to step into the on-set rooms of their favourite superheroes while comic book and film fans alike will be delighted at the amount of detail placed into it. If you weren’t excited for the Justice League movie before, this exhibition will certainly guarantee it.

Here are some photos from our Justice League experience.