There was a time when texting was the quickest way of getting your message across, and “text speak” was the easiest way of doing this. “Text speak” seems to have all but died, except for the one older member of your family who frequently ends texts with “LOL” and still thinks that it means Lots Of Love. The rise of the emoji has injected some fun into sending messages and the little faces ensure that people don’t misread sarcasm…most of the time. Alongside faces, there are icons for every situation: Fancy a coffee? There’s an emoji for that. Need a goat? There’s an emoji for that. Such is the success of emojis that celebrities have brought out their own emoji keyboards, which each represent their own quirks. Here are a couple of likely, and one not so likely emoji keyboards on the market right now:


Charlie Sheen’s sheenoji ?

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Charlie Sheen had a spectacular fall from grace when he was fired from Two and a Half Men in 2011. He was the centre of media headlines for the six months following, and a video interview of Sheen claiming that he was not suffering from bi-polar disorder, but simply “bi-winning”, went viral and was recut into a music video. Whilst he is said to be avoiding a hedonistic lifestyle now, Sheen has brought out an emoji keyboard for all of the times you are feeling like you have the confidence of the Comedy Central actor.



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The Kardashians have always been at the forefront of celebrity technology, with Kim owning a game, and social media being their weapon of choice for just about anything. Remember the feud with T-Swift when the snake emoji practically broke Instagram? Oldest sister Kim brought out her emoji keyboard to the delight of hardcore fans, and features icons such as dollar bills and a crying Kim icon, for all of those times you forgot your keto salad on your way home to your mansion. Whilst many of her other ventures have been incredibly successful, Kimoji has left fans reeling when it takes them over a minute to load an emoji into a message. More popular emojis such as the aubergine or the “chocolate ice cream” might just stay in vogue a little longer if a new emoji online slot is anything to go by, which features all of your favourite emojis and some you might never have seen before. The Emojiplanet works on an “avalanche” system to reward players who lipstick, bomb or blue hearts icons.


When you think of the likeliest celebrities to bring out a line of personalised emojis, Heidi Klum doesn’t automatically spring to mind. However, the German model has brought out a her own keyboard with incredibly detailed water colour icons, which at first look like pretty pictures. Take a closer look at the picture and you’ll notice that it is a halloween mural, and a very beautiful one at that. We expected nothing less from Miss Klum!
The celebrity emoji train shows no sign of pulling into the station just yet, with Taylor Swift rumoured to be releasing “Tay-moji” very shortly, and Ellen DeGeneres being crowned the unlikely queen of emoji with her own keyboard, Ellen Emoji Exploji.