Warner Brothers have updated its web page for your consideration’ web page with titles that it is looking to push for the Oscars. The likes of Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, The LEGO Batman Movie and Wonder Woman are all featured on the site, set up to attract voters to pledge them for the multiple awards ceremonies that kick off later this year. More info on the Warner Brothers Oscar campaign below.

Warner Brothers Oscar Campaign Adds Blade Runner 2049

The studio will offer registeredĀ Academy members and members of other creative associations to attend screenings through the website, most of which kick off next month (November).

Blade Runner 2049 is the latest addition to the site, Warner Bros. being the studio that distributed the film Stateside (it was handled by Sony Pictures in the UK). The Ryan Gosling-led movie, which teamed him with the original film’s star Harrison Ford, gained huge critical acclaim around the world when it was released earlier this month, though the film didn’t fare too well with audiences, and has so far only brought in $62 million at its domestic box-office at the time of writing. The film is an absolute modern classic, and despite its massive $150 million budget, I’m guessing the studios aren’t too concerned, as the film is sure to gain cult status in the future and get its cost back over time.

Also on the list is the WB’s Wonder Woman, a huge hit for the studio, and their highest-grossing superhero movie yet. The Gal Gadot starrerĀ has made a huge $412 million domestically, and over $800 million around the world. It also hit the spot with the critics, our own Tom Fordy saying that it is the film that finally ‘whipped the DCU into decent shape.’

There’s also Dunkirk, the WWII movie from Christopher Nolan, which should get him at least a couple of nods, particularly in the directing and writing categories – and then The LEGO Batman Movie, which will almost certainly be shortlisted for Best Animated Feature.

There’s a little while to go until Oscar season reaches its peak, and even Warner Brothers have a few more tricks up their sleeves, including Clint Eastwood’s new one The 15:17 to Paris, a film that is still in post-production, but one that should arrive at the station by the time qualification for this year’s gongs ends.

More on the Warner Brothers Oscar campaign and those from the other studios as our awards watch continues right into the new year.

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