It would appear that cryptocurrencies are proving to be very popular with the stars of the big screen as several Bitcoin ATM’s have recently appeared in and around Hollywood!

Those ATM’s allows anyone to purchase Bitcoin instantly or exchange any of their Bitcoin holdings and turn them into cold hard cash.

One of the main attractions of any of the many different types of cryptocurrencies currently available is that they can be used as a way of moving money around in a completely anonymous way. Which I suppose is handy for many Hollywood residents who may not want others to know what they are buying online!

Being a celebrity you have to keep a close eye on your spending habits, for there are plenty of paparazzi who are not afraid of rummaging through the trash cans of celebrities, in the hope they find some incriminating receipts or correspondence.

It is not just purchasing goods anonymously that Bitcoin can be used for, and with the increasing popularity of gambling online many people are now using that and other cryptocurrencies as the way they both make deposits into gambling sites and also as a way of receiving their winning payouts too.

All that you will need to get if you want to join the digital currency environment is one of the many Digital Wallets that will allow you to keep your Bitcoin secured safely and then you can start to move money around the web instantly and completely anonymously too.

Many major celebrities also do like to keep some of their earnings away from the tax man and other government agencies, and as such you will find many of them do tend to use cryptocurrencies as a way that they can hide their finances.

Plus, with the value of Bitcoin being very volatile at times many people do also tend to use it as an investment, in the hope the price they pay for their Bitcoins is low in regards to the value it arrives at once they want to turn them into cash.

Another reason why people have started to use Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is that gambling online in some countries, whilst not strictly illegal, is something people may find hard to do, for there may only be a limited number of ways that they can make a deposit into gambling sites and also there may only be a small number of ways that they can withdraw their winnings too.

When you have a Bitcoin Wallet account you will be able to fund any type of gambling site account online, whether that is a casino, bingo, poker or even a sports betting site account.

As all transactions using digital currencies are instant there will be no delays in regards to funding your gambling site accounts or getting paid out your winnings from those sites either!

As long as you are aware that there will be some small transactions fees when buying or selling cryptocurrencies and that the price can fluctuate often quite wildly, it may be a form of money transfer you are interested in using.

Plus, with the increase in number of Bitcoin ATM’s appearing all over the world, you will never have to jump through hoops to buy or sell your Bitcoin either!

When compared to some of the other more standard ways you can move money around, however it does have to be said the cost of using Bitcoin for example can be a fraction of what you would pay if you chose to use a service such as Western Union or MoneyGram!