Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, the $100 million Netflix movie, which brings together the likes of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, is now off and shooting in New York City, and some very early images from the set have landed on social media. Check out The Irishman set pics below.

Irishman set pics
Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci in ‘Goodfellas’

The Irishman set pics! De Niro, Pacino and Pesci spotted on the streets of New York.

The Irishman is based on Charles Brandt’s book ‘I Heard You Paint Houses,’ and focuses on a mob hit man who recalls his possible involvement with the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa. De Niro is playing said mob hitman Frank Sheeran, while Pacino is playing Hoffa. The film also stars Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino, Bobby Cannavale as Joe Gallo, Harvey Keitel as Angelo Bruno, Ray Romano as Bill Bufalino, and Britain’s own Stephen Graham as Tony Provenzano. As we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s quite the cast.

Here’s the plot as per the source material:

‘I heard you paint houses’ are the first words Jimmy Hoffa ever spoke to Frank ‘the Irishman’ Sheeran. To paint a house is to kill a man. The paint is the blood that splatters on the wall and floors. In the course of nearly five years of recorded interviews Frank Sheeran confessed to Charles Brandt that he handled more than twenty-five hits for the Mob, and for his friend Hoffa.

Sheeran learned to kill in the US Army, where he saw an astonishing 411 days of active combat during World War 2. After returning home he became a hustler and a hit man, working for legenday crime boss Russell Bufalino. Eventually Sheeran would rise to a position of such prominence that he was named as one of only two non-Italians on a list of the twenty-six most wanted Mob figures.

When Bufalino ordered Sheeran to kill Hoffa, the Irishman did the deed, knowing that if he refused, he would have been killed himself.

Sheeran’s important and fascinating story includes brand new information on other famous murders, and provides rare insight into an infamous chapter in US and Mafia history. This is a page turner that is destined to become a true-crime classic.

The Irishman set pics show off the big three toplining the movie, as well as Scorsese pacing up and down doing what he does best – directing. The film will employ hefty CGI to de-age some of the ages, including Pacino and De Niro – hence the big price tag. As a result, The Irishman won’t debut on the streaming service until 2019. Do expect this to gain an Oscar-qualifying cinema run as well though.

Check out The Irishman set pics below.