Casinos and gambling have been the inspiration of uncountable memorable movies and scenes. From the trilogy of Ocean’s Eleven to the classic Casino of Martin Scorsese, the glamour, thrill and excitement of casinos have been captured in the big screen for the joy of millions of gamblers and punters around the globe. The same way casinos have been used at movies, the cinema has had a significant impact in the gambling world, more specifically in the online casino industry. Online casinos invest in bringing new and attractive content to their audience and movies are one of the public’s favorite theme for customized games, it’s common to see online casino games themed with the newest releases at the cinema as well as some great film classics.

Most of the games at online casinos are created by online gambling software developers, for these companies, the fact of being able to offer casino games of user’s favorites movies is an important advantage, however the creation of this type of games is somehow restricted. Movie casino games are licensed games, which means that in order to offer an online casino game with a movie thematic, the software provider must first align to the trade mark usage and have an arrangement with the movie brand owners reducing the amount of movie casino games they can manage at the same time. Besides the licensed games for specific films, there are other online casino games that are related to films, such is the case of the game Cinerama, a slot game with graphics and content related to movies created by the giant of the online gambling world Playtech.

If we classify the movies used in online casinos we can clearly see a preference for action films, with titles like The Mummy, King Kong, Hitman, Tomb Raider and Robocop available in most of the gambling platforms. There are two other important trends among film categories at online gambling industry; firstly, online casino games developers have jumped in the comic trend and compete between each other to offer as much comic and superheroes related games as possible, the big giants of the comic industry; Marvel and DC, have both partnerships with online casino game developers allowing them to offer licensed games for their superheroes.  The other mayor trend of movie categories at online casinos is related to the recent concern these platforms have shown for addressing more female users to their platforms. This trend becomes everyday more apparent in the selection of online casino games content, the incursion of male croupiers for live casino games and of course in the selection of the movies used for customized games, one clear example of these female oriented games is the new “Brides Maids” slot game, just to mention one of many.

Slots are the favorites of online casino software developers to offer movie themed games as this is one of the easiest games to customize. You’ll find hundreds of slots movie themed, from classics like Rocky to movies that haven’t been yet released to the public, online casinos offer a wide range of customized offer to please all ages and preferences. Another game that is usually customized to movies are scratch cards, as well as slots these games are easily customized which makes them ideal for companies looking for new game alternatives to their movies themed games, in most of the cases you’ll be able to find a slot game with the same movie thematic of a scratch game as these are usually seen as complementary casino games.

Finally, there’s another great advantage of movie themed casino games, besides the fact that you’re able to play your favorite games with images and videos from your favorite movie, these games have usually amazing promotions and juicy jackpots. As explained before, almost all movie related casino games are licensed and gambling platforms try to get the best out of those games offering attractive bonus to encourage users to try them out. Software providers manage to do that by offering several movie games with progressive jackpots, these are pool prizes that increase with every bet until one or several users win and the funds are divided among them. An excellent feature of progressive jackpots is that usually these are managed directly by the game software developer that collects the pool prizes from several different online casinos allowing jackpots to ascend to millions of dollars.