The Killing Of A Sacred Deer review
The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

The brand new trailer for The Killing Of A Sacred Deer has been released by the folks over at A24. The film, which we gave a very positive review to over in Cannes, stars Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and a superb Barry Keoghan, along with Raffey Cassidy, Sunny Suljic, Bill Camp and Alicia Silverstone.

Farrell plays Steven Murphy, a devoted family man with a history of drinking. Murphy, married with two children,his alcoholism now firmly in the past, has befriended a teenage boy Martin (Barry Keoghan), who’s connection to the cardiologist is not immediately apparent. Martin is an only child to Alicia Silverstone’s character, who’s husband we learn passed away a few years previous. The two hang out at a local diner and by the river in this nameless town/ city, Murphy often plying the young adult with gifts – like a leather-strapped watch which is waterproofed to 200m – a key fact. Their ‘friendship’ is not known to either individual’s families, and of course the audience expects the obvious relationship between the two – one a very prosperous career-man and father figure – the other a young boy with dreams of pursuing a career in medicine. Of course, Lanthimos and co-writer Efthymis Filippou have other things in mind for us – this being the man behind the aforementioned award-winner that revolved around people that would turn into animals if they didn’t fall in love at a mysterious retreat.

You can read our full review of the film over here. The Killing Of A Sacred Dear will play the Venice, Toronto and London Film Festivals before landing in cinemas in the middle of awards qualifying season on November 17th.