There’s often a weird disconnect between the quality of a film and the quality of the poster used to market it. Some of the greatest movies of our time have had horribly Photoshopped marketing, while even a complete cinematic disaster like Showgirls can have a silver lining in the form of a visually stunning poster.

And it’s especially interesting to see how a movie poster reflects the trends of the era in which it was made. Unless it’s going for a retro look, you’re unlikely to see a poster these days that resembles the fiery, provocative imagery of Gone With the Wind or Clockwork Orange.

This infographic from Company Folders shows off some of the best film posters from each decade and explores what it is that makes them so great; from the stark contrast of Scarface’s black-and-white design to the gorgeous illustration on the poster for Jaws. Take a look at how the aesthetic of film marketing has evolved over the years and discover some little-known facts about some of your favorite classic posters.

Source: Company Folders