The following is a review authored by a member who found his wife through the service. The identities have been concealed to ensure at their request for privacy.

“You’re a loser. You’ll never get anywhere in life without me!,” my ex-wife yelled as she slammed the door in my face as she kicked me out of what used to be our home.

Those words haunted me in the two years since our divorce as I plunged into a depression. They echoed in my mind whenever I found myself lonely, drunk and unable to satisfy that basic human need of having someone close to me.

Her frequent criticisms chipped away at my self-esteem, crippling me in being able to even approach a woman in the months – and then years – following our split.

One evening, I was doing my typical surfing on the Internet when I somehow came across

The thought suddenly crossed my mind, “Can I prove my ex wrong? Can I truly attract a woman five or even ten years younger than me?”

Finding true love, instead of a scam

After a simple registration (e-mail, name, birthday), Victoria Brides offered me questions on the woman of my dreams. I entered 25-35 years old, a weight of 110-135 pounds and height of five feet to five feet inches.

Within minutes, I was communicating with several women at once. But in the days that followed, it would be Antonina who stole my heart. She was modest by character, yet a strikingly pretty woman from an industrial Ukrainian town.

The first thing that I noticed in our chats is that her manners would have never allowed her to talk to me in the way that my ex did.

As it turned out, Tonia also didn’t have a pleasant experience in her first marriage to her high school sweetheart. Her ex often went out drinking, often not coming home and crashing with others. He was rarely home on the weekends to spend time with their child.

Tonia had heard from her girlfriends that Western men, particularly older ones, are serious about relations and family oriented.  She wasn’t necessarily looking for a millionaire – just someone who would provide for her essential financial and emotional needs.

Our chats were so pleasant, and Tonia was so warm, that the thought crept into my mind that it could be some stranger who was posing as Antonina. Perhaps it was some scammer-for-hire hiding behind the photos of a random selected model!

First comes love, then comes marriage with VictoriaBrides

So at that time, about a month into our communications, we agreed to get our identities verified and began communicating through a translator, proved for by VictoriaBrides. What a relief to know that Tonia was not a fantasy but a real woman who was going to renew my life in ways I could never have imagined with a woman from my hometown.

It was six months when I proposed to Tonia and she accepted. By then, I shelled out quite a bit of money for our chats and gifts. I look at that as an invaluable investment.

I flew to Ukraine and was greeted at the airport by a staff member, and then later a translator. And then I laid my eyes on Tonia for the first time. Dressed in a figure-hugging dress that accentuated her flat tummy and proportional bussom, she was even more attractive in person than on the webcam.

Shocking the ex-wife

Eventually Tonia settled with me in my medium-sized Midwest city, which often feels like a big neighborhood. You bump into people you know each day in the parking lot or at shopping. So you can imagine the look on my ex-wife’s face when she came across Tonia and I enjoying lunch at one of the city’s fancier restaurants!

Not only was she shocked to see me with a younger woman, but she was slender, stylish and classy at that. When I stood up to greet my ex, all she could muster was to squeeze out an awkward “Hello” through her clenched teeth.

Days later, she bitterly spread the nasty rumors among her friends (who all turned against me) that I am just a Green Card scam for Tonia and that she would dump me the minute she gained it.

But it’s been AN ENTIRE YEAR since Tonia get her green card and we’re now awaiting for our first child. In the evenings when I come home from work, she greets me with a smile and a steamy meal, sometimes wearing nothing but a pair of lace panties and stockings.

Although back home I’m not exactly a wealthy guy, I’m quite a catch for Ukrainian women like Tonia, who are quite satisfied with our lifestyle – daily home-cooked dinners, with a restaurant night once a week. Visiting the local parks on the weekend, and an annual vacation. No shopping sprees, but buying what we need (with a few luxury items thrown in).

Growing past differences

When you marry a foreigner, there is the nuance of culture and cuisine. Although the first wasn’t much important to me, I should say about Ukrainian cooking that it’s quite tasty but a bit fatty from the excess use of mayonnaise, particular in salads. That’s the only criticism I can offer considering the amazing variety of soups, sausages and dishes such as stuffed cabbage.

The biggest stumbling block is Tonia’s struggles with English, which prevents us from having deeper conversations. But she is attending courses and it shouldn’t be a problem in a few years. Besides, a lot can be communicated without words!

Had I met Tonia earlier, I could have avoided the misery of my marriage to my vicious ex. But then again, knowing my ex has made me appreciate Tonia even more and I am so grateful to Victoria Brides for making it possible to meet someone as fabulous as my wife. 

It’s an awesome service. Their hotline was always available for my questions, even at 3:00 in the morning when there were payment troubles from technical glitches on the website.

I’m not an expert in in online dating sites, but the prices are quite reasonable for the stunning women that access is suddenly granted to.

The prices all get rid of the creepy types who have no intentions but to aimlessly chat and flirt.

The unparalleled Ukrainian wife

My friends are checking it out. American women tend to let go of themselves after marriage, gaining weight and not bothering to dress classy. It almost seems as though getting married was the end game, after which nothing else matters. And some would even prefer a divorce and walk away with their “earnings.”

But having visited Tonia in Ukraine and met her friends, I noticed an unparalleled care by their women for their looks, including high-heeled shoes and immaculately painted fingernails.

And despite that, a lot of Ukrainian women remain family-oriented and aren’t looking for the thug or the stud to strut in front of their girlfriends.

For all those looking to find a decent, classy wife, don’t be afraid to take the bull by the horns. Join VictoriaBrides, fill out a detailed profile with plenty of photos.

Otherwise you risk the chance of letting a new life filled with true love slip through your fingers, instead becoming that lonely loser that my ex-wife was condemning me to become.

If I can defy her expectations, then you can too!

That’s my Victoria Brides review.