Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he is returning to the world of The Terminator next year. The legendary actor, politician and bodybuilder is set to reunite with James Cameron, who is behind a new franchise featuring one of Schwarzenegger’s most famous movie characters.

“In March next year, I am shooting Terminator 6, James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes a Conan,” Schwarzenegger told The Playlist. Obviously the extra bit of new there is that the big man is also set to reprise the character of Conan in a brand new movie, a project which has been in development for quite some time.

Whether the new Terminator movie remains in the cannon of the previous five films remains to be seen, but due the fact that Schwarzenegger calls the film Terminator 6 maybe suggest that it is part of the current run.

We’ll bring you more as we hear.