How times have changed in Cinema. We’ve moved far away from the typical high roller casino genre movies that we used to know and love and replaced them with all sorts of different themes and situations based in the setting of a casino. You’ll actually find that these days when people want to gamble, rather than go out they will play at casinos that are online and that there’s even a whole online culture of online gaming and gambling. A good example being sites such as, where you can find gambling guides, casino game and casino reviews, social news and free versions of real online casino games like online slots and blackjack.  It’s all there for them in one place and online casinos are available across mobile devices too, so the golden era idea of the lucky guy walking into a casino and winning a massive jackpot seems kind of dated in comparison when we live in the age of being able to access everything we want when we want.

This actually leads to an interesting question, will casino movies as we know them now, be made in the same way in the near future?

From the films of old like The Cincinnati Kid, made back in 1965 to more recent successes of The Hangover franchise in the 2000’s. We have walked the Las Vegas Boulevard and stopped off into the murky world of gangster-run joints as famously depicted in Scorsese’s ‘Casino’, to the spin of robbing the casino a la Oceans 11 and its many sequels, we surely have seen every possible format a casino movie has to offer.

The glitz and glam are still certainly there, La Vegas is and was a place to lose yourself and find yourself at the same time, but can casino movies come up with something newer, something more modern? The latest ‘casino’ themed movies to join the long list is due to hit our cinema’s at the end of June in the new Will Ferrell movie, The House, directed by Andrew Jay Cohen. The film is of two parents that are financially forced to set up a casino in their basement, in order to fund their daughters University costs after losing all of her college funds. Now, this film does take a step back in minimizing the gambling mystique, going from big lights and flashing machines, to the smaller four walls of a suburban basement.

The closest Hollywood has come to the modernisation of how gambling really takes place these days, is found within the 2013 movie, Runner Runner. Starring Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck. Runner Runner, deals with online poker and the online success of casinos. Though panned on release by critics, the movie is the only one in the archive that has used the online gaming as its core premise.

It may take time for someone smart enough to write a story that works, it’s not like they would be short of idea’s as an online casino, still has the same functions, they’re just not physical, but money is money in the end and when it comes to either crime, action or even romance, money plays a part. Las Vegas its self will never dry up as a mecca of riches and Elvis tributes.

We’re hoping for something different and interesting to come out of the film industry, rather than the now all too familiar remake after remake and the never ending sequel after sequel. If anything was to be remade Hollywood at least modernize the casino format, that way it definitely becomes relatable to the millions which entertain it online.