It seems like everybody and anybody has an Instagram account nowadays, from friends and family to some of the hottest A-List stars out there today. If you don’t want your feed overloaded with updates each day, and you are looking to follow only a handful of celebrities and Hollywood showbiz types, then you’ll want to take a look at this list of people worth following on Instagram.

Royalty Free Photo

Meghan Markle – Instagram Lifestyle Blogger

Anyone with even a passing interest in the Royal family will want to start checking out Meghan Markle’s feed. No, you’re not going to find candid shots of the Royals here, but you will get a glimpse into Markle’s international lifestyle. Of course, she is also dating Prince Harry so one can only hope that she may include a photo of him! Markle is a lifestyle blogger, which means you’ll get a real glimpse into the way she lives and what she’s up to.

The Rock – Dwayne Johnson Provides Inspiration, Motivation, and Laughs

Not only is Dwayne Johnson an international superstar but he also dedicates his life to inspiring, motivating, and helping others. His feed is loaded with laughs, stories about his upbringing, motivational quotes, and tributes to all kinds of everyday heroes. If you’re a fan of “The Rock” and his movies, this is also a great way to get behind a scene look at his upcoming and current projects.

Zoe Lister-Jones – Travel the World with Zoe

For those who love looking at travel photos, then you’ll want to check out Zoe Lister-Jones’ Instagram account. Lister-Jones is a writer and actress, but she also happens to be an avid traveler. She makes sure to capture shots all over the world on her various adventures.

Michael David Palance – A Look into the Life of a Producer and Developer

Michael David Palance may be known as an actor from various popular daytime soap operas, but nowadays he is the CEO of Premiere Event and is a producer and developer. By following Palance on Instagram, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the various projects he’s working on all over the world. It’s a different look into the world of show business.

Mindy Kaling – A Dose of Intelligence with a Side of Humor

Mindy Kaling is well-known not only as the star of her own show “The Mindy Show” but also from her years on the popular US installment of “The Office”. Kaling is also an incredible author with a witty sense of humor. It’s her humor that makes her Instagram feed well worth following.

Hugh Jackman – An Ode to Family, Food, and Motivational Messages

Sure, Hugh Jackman is an international star, but he also has a love of family, good food, and enjoys sharing motivational messages. This is a whole other look at the star’s life.

Just a Small Sampling

This is just a very small sampling of some of the stars worth following on Instagram. There are plenty of other fun and thought-provoking accounts worth checking out.