In most cultures. breasts are perceived as the ideal of female beauty. Typically associated with fertility, large, round breasts are seen as extremely desirable. Thanks to the miracle of modern surgery and medicine, one can achieve the most perfect breasts. Here are some famous Hollywood stars who chose to get breast implants for fuller and shapely breasts.

Britney Spears

The controversial pop star has wowed us all with her performance and wild lifestyle alike. There was no girl in the 2000s who did not admire and copy her style. But did you know that she was unhappy of the way her breasts looked?  As she gained more popularity, she decided to go under the knife and get the bigger boobs she always wanted.

Kate Hudson

We all know that the stunning actress has a gorgeous twinkle in her eyes which is indeed to die for. But she also has a killer body which she chose to sculpt as she was not happy with her A cup breasts. Although she has not spoken up on the issue, but she has definitely got herself a gorgeous body thanks to the miracle of cosmetic surgery.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Most actresses usually hide the fact that they got breast transplants but the Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker is not the one to be all hushed about it. She was quite open about her procedure and says that if one doesn’t have voluptuous breasts naturally, it is no shame to get them medically. Even though she always looked stunning, the procedure gave her a brand new stunning look which the actress is super proud of.

Kaley Cuoco

Sitcom’s darling, Kaley Cuoco is an extremely talented actress who has been on TV since she was a teenager, although her most famous work has to be the role of Penny in The Big Bang Theory. The actress had got her breast implants when she was 18 and she proudly proclaims that the procedure gave her immense confidence. She loves the way her body feels after the process of augmentation and has said, “I always felt ill-proportioned. My implants made me feel more confident in my body.”

Iggy Azalea

This Australian rapper has gorgeous curves and the entire world is obsessed with her stunning bottom but she has always felt ill proportioned owing to her breasts, which were on the smaller side. So, she finally decided to change that and got implants for a more proportionate look and feel. She is extremely open about her hatred pads sewn into her outfits and now she has finally got rid of that!

If you are a girl with small breasts or mastectomy, or a trans girl who wishes that she had breasts, it is a great idea to take control of your body and get your dream breasts with the help of implants. Owing to the developments in the field of cosmetic surgery and with so many reputable and authentic breast augmentation centers in San Jose, it is a completely safe procedure with very little to almost no risk. With this procedure, you can get the right size and shape of breasts It is seen that many women are psychologically feel inferior when they do not have full breasts and implants can give them the necessary confidence. Moreover, it gives the body a fuller shape and better balance, especially if you are someone who is heavier around the hip. Wearing thick padded bras are not good for your health. They put unnecessary strain on your body. Moreover, they restrict your breast tissues, in turn, making them smaller. It is safer to get surgical implants which will not interfere with your natural breast tissues. Breast augmentation is a safe procedure which is bound to give you confidence and stunning looks!

For some it is confidence and for others, it is about looks, but breast implants have brought happiness to every single woman who has opted for them.