Ah, TGIT. Thursdays are the best, if only because of the lineup of Shonda Rhimes’ hit series. The current series coming to an end (for the season) include Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and The Catch. The Catch has actually been cancelled due to low ratings, which is unfortunate for the fanbase of that particular show.

Luckily, Grey’s Anatomy is in its 13th season, and Scandal is in its 6th, so there are plenty of back episodes to binge on. Of course, there is also the brilliant How To Get Away With Murder which finished its 3rd season a couple of months back.

If you have Netflix, you’ll have access to a lot of this content – if you live in America. Unfortunately, since much of Shonda’s catalogue is syndicated to networks around the world, it is not available to everyone.

However, do not despair! There are ways around the regional blocks. And, even if you’re not a Netflix subscriber, there are ways to access all the content you can dream of totally free. Just make sure you choose the right option, by taking a look at the Best Online Reviews.

Using a VPN (or proxy)

To get access to Netflix around the world, all you need is the right virtual private network (VPN). This is a server that masks your location, tricking Netflix or whatever other service you use into thinking you are elsewhere.

You may have heard of proxies, and they do essentially the same thing. However, proxies do not encrypt your data like VPNs do, making you vulnerable to hackers and surveillance.

This is especially important if you’re torrenting or streaming through less than legal websites. These websites are vulnerable to hackers, and authorities routinely surveil them to take action against those viewing content illegally.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. have beefed up security

Over the past year, Netflix and other streaming services have been beefing up their security measures to block VPNs. They’ve been under increasing pressure from authorities to do so. Many VPNs no longer work when accessing these services.

This is why you should do your research before subscribing to a VPN service. Some still work, but many don’t, and you must ensure you’re choosing one of the former.

For this reason, you also should not buy a year-long subscription, or anything longer than 3 months. Because a VPN might stop working for streaming services at some point, you don’t want to be stuck in a contract that you’ve already paid for.

Security counts

Regardless, you should be using a VPN even if you don’t need access to restricted content, since it increases your security significantly. Privacy is important, and no one wants to be “spied” on, even if it’s not by a malicious source.

When the source is malicious, they can get access to a lot of your content, including passwords and personal identification details.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a good decision by reading online reviews. There’s ultimately no reason you should not be able to access all the content you love.