It doesn’t take one long to discover that places like Las Vegas are full of the latest slot machines, a lot of them tagged with branded material. On a recent trip, we saw the likes of The Big Bang Theory, The Ellen Show, Jurassic Park and many more on casino floors all across town, but in fact the internet is proving to be one of the best places to find quality, intense slot games at the moment.

The web is awash with thrilling casino games for your gaming pleasure, and we’ve picked through the thousands that you can find online to see which feature the most popular movie and TV characters. One of the most popular brands out there at the moment is the superhero and comic book genres, and we found countless DC and Marvel licensed content that is pulling in the punters.

First up was DC’s Batman, a game found on many sites which is already proving to be very popular with gaming fans. The new game allows players to don the cape and become the Dark Knight in his original comic book incarnation. Of course, the slot features other characters from the series; likes of Commissioner Gordon, The Joker and of course, the iconic Batmobile.

We mentioned Jurassic Park above, and in fact, the 1993 Universal Pictures film has an online presence via a new video slot too. The game is proving to be very popular within the online gaming community, so much so that Universal have developed some of their other brands too. For example, there’s Bridesmaids, the 2011 comedy that managed to capture audiences attention across the world, bringing in $289 million across the world – and that doesn’t include marketing and licensing deals. One of those licensing deals is for the online slot machine to tie in the movie, which continues to show up on top ten lists on many of the gaming sites.

But, of course, licensing deals don’t just stop with motion pictures – television is a big fighting force as well, and with Game Of Thrones being one of the most popular properties on TV at the moment, the games that have been spun-off from it have also proved to be hugely popular with online gamers. There is even a slot for the AMC show The Walking Dead.

So, these thrilling games will continue to delight fans, and as more an more films and TV shows are delivered to the paying public, we’ll always see more spin-offs hit those online video game rooms as a result.