A new international trailer for the upcoming redo of The Mummy over at Universal Pictures has landed on our doorstep. The new promo hails from the Far East and once again gives us an early look at Tom Cruise and co. in the forthcoming remake of the classic monster movie.

In addition to this new trailer, director Robert Kurtzman has also been speaking with Entertainment Weekly about his new film, and just who we may expect to see alongside The Mummy in the film. After all, we’ve already seen Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll in the existing trailers.

“The movie’s called ‘The Mummy,’ not ‘The Mummy Meets 12 Other Monsters,’” Kurtzman told the outlet. “If we create a world that feels interesting and scary, then we will have succeeded in setting up the larger universe.”

Fair enough.

The Mummy debuts in cinemas from the 9th June 2017.