Tomboy clip

To celebrate the release of Walter Hill’s Tomboy, which is available on digital download now and on DVD from April 3rd from Precision Pictures, we have a very interesting, world exclusive clip to share with you.

Frank Kitchen is an assassin at the top of his game. When he’s double-crossed by a group of ruthless gangsters he falls into the hands of a rogue surgeon, known only as The Doctor, who transforms him into a woman against his will. Aided by a nurse with her own set of secrets, Frank the hitman becomes Tomboy the hit-woman and revenge is the first thing on her mind…

Starring action cinema’s star du jour Michelle Rodriguez (Furious 7, Machete Kills) as Frank/Tomboy and featuring celluloid royalty in the form of Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Avatar) as The Doctor, Tomboy is an action adventure you’ll never forget.

Also starring Anthony LaPaglia (TV’s Without A Trace, The Eichmann Show) and Tony Shaloub (TV’s Monk, Spy Kids), Tomboy is a searing return to form for Walter Hill, director of 1980s classics such as Red Heat and 48 Hours, and essential for action aficionados everywhere.

The Tomboy clip shows Michelle Rodriguez as Frank in the shower where you can see her fully done up as a man, with hairy chest, prosthetics, and other bits and pieces. Yes, this one is for mature audiences only, so do proceed with caution.

Watch our world exclusive (NSFW) Tomboy clip below.

World exclusive Tomboy clip