My Father Die is out now to download, and we highly recommend you give it a watch. The film is a brilliant and brutal tale of the bonds of family and revenge.

Young teen Asher idolises his older brother Chester. The pair are inseparable, Chester happily teaching his younger brother everything he knows about life. The pair are tragically wrenched away from each other however, after their father Ivan (Gary Stretch) brutally murders Chester in a drunken rage. Years later Asher (Joe Anderson) has now grown up and is living out in the Deep South with his overweight and grief-stricken mother. He’s clearly still broken and traumatised by the tragic event, made all the worse by him losing his hearing and ability to speak in addition to his brother. They then learn that, due to overcrowding and good behaviour, Ivan has been released from prison, presenting Asher with an opportunity. For all the years that Ivan’s been behind bars Asher has been in training. Training so that one day he can avenge his brother’s death by claiming the life of his father. Finally the wait is over.

Directed by Sean Brosnan, the son of Pierce Brosnan, My Father Die opened last year’s Frightfest with an all-mighty bang. It’s a wonderfully dark revenge thriller that oozes with quirky characters and stunning visuals. A deaf, mute lead character isn’t the norm, but it works perfectly thanks to Anderson’s amazing turn as Asher. Ahead of the DVD release on Monday 3rd April we’ve managed to get our hands on an exclusive clip which sees Asher start tracking Ivan down as he confronts an old associate of his father.

This is one wolf that huff, puff and blow your foot off if you don’t tell him what he wants to know, definitely a man desperate with violence on his mind.

My Father Die arrives on DVD to buy from Monday 3rd April, it’s out to own on digital download now. Read our full review now.