As we announced last month, Sony have been developing their Venom movie to open in cinemas late next year but today some very surprising news has kinda thrown an interesting twist on proceedings.

Not just content with the movie, those folks over at Collider have learned that Sony actually want that film to kick off their own Marvel Cinematic Universe with Venom and other villans that they own, which includes Black Cat and Silver Sable that is currently being written by Thor: Ragnarok‘s screenwriter Chris Yost.

This is exciting news BUT there’s an odd problem here because Marvel currently have Spider-Man (finally!) and so whatever happens with Venom surely won’t be able to tie back into Tom Holland‘s new Spidey due to all the various agreements.  However, it flips again, in truth they could come up with their own angle because they’ve got the rights on hundreds upon hundreds of Marvel characters and take it away from everything that’s happening already.

The truth is that I’m a huge fan of Venom and think the alien symbiote was horrifically underused in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, he’s a great villain with beautifully evil possibilities out there. The other great thing is that Sony are aiming for the R-Rating, so they could easily hit that Deadpool and Logan level of violence and entertaining chaos.

Maybe they’ll level it down to fit as a more low-key story in a similar way to how Marvel have brought to life those lesser known characters to Netflix? There’s definite chances to go all kinds of ways but let us know what you think you’d like to see….

Venom is currently set to open cinemas om October 5, 2018 but I’d expect that date to be pushed back considering there’s much to do, we’ll keep you up to date as we hear it.