We all knew that Beauty and the Beast was going to be huge, but now the numbers are in and the Disney film has knocked it out of the park. Last week, during pre-sales, it was revealed that a ticket for the live-action remake was being sold every 28 seconds, which is pretty nuts. Made for $160 million, the film in its opening weekend alone, has amassed $350 million.

The breakdown of that total is $170 million from the US, and $180 million from the international market. In fact, it’s the top performer in nearly every box office of every country where it was released. However, it couldn’t quite top the March opener record set last year by Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opened to $424.1 million. It might just surpass the film in terms of total earnings though, as being a tale as old as time it’ll keep families flocking in for the weeks to come.