The Riad remake loses Taylor Kitch and its director

Joe Carnahan is set to direct Frank Grillo in the remake of The Raid, the 2012 action movie that was helmed by Gareth Evans. Carnahan will also write the film, so reports Deadline.

Carnahan has a busy schedule ahead of him. He is directing the third movie in the Bad Boys series, and has written the screenplay for the Uncharted movie.

Here’s the synopsis of the original film, The Raid.

As a rookie member of an elite special-forces team, Rama is instructed to hang back during a covert mission involving the extraction of a brutal crime lord from a rundown fifteen-story apartment block. But when a spotter blows their cover, boss Tama offers lifelong sanctuary to every killer, rapist and thief in the building in exchange fortheir heads. Now Rama must stand in for the team’s fallen leader and use every iota of his fighting strength – winding through every floor and every room to complete the mission and escape with his life.

“I am extremely excited about Frank and I boarding this property and hopefully doing something fresh and inventive with it,” Carnahan said to the trade blog. “The original is masterful, so we’ve given ourselves a pretty big mountain to summit. But I have great faith in the story and approach to the material that we’ve taken.”

More as we get it.