After the official Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice account, and DC Photographer Clay Enos both followed John Cleese on Twitter a couple of months ago, the internet went wild. Speculation was rife that the British comedy legend was about to join the DC Universe, even though the connection was very, very slight.

Well, here we are in a new year and the rumour mill is starting up once again after Cleese tweeted an image of himself in a dressing room Stateside with a bunch of DC comic books laid out in front of him.

Take a look at this:

Justice League: Origin, The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: The Dark Mirror can all be seen in the Massachusetts dressing room where Cleese is on a stage tour talking about his long career. With those titles in mind, most fans are thinking that a role in the forthcoming Ben Affleck-led The Batman is the most obvious, but he may even pop up in Justice League, which is now in post-production.

Who knows? He may just be a fan…

More as we get it.