He’s got a new film in cinemas this week (look out for a review of Live By Night a little later today), but most people are more interested in Ben Affleck‘s next film, the superhero movie The Batman, which we’re still looking for an official update on. Well, it looks like Affleck may have given it after appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Stateside.

“I’m gonna direct the next Batman, we’re working on it,” Affleck said to Kimmel. “It’s one of those things that’s really frustrating because with ‘Live By Night’ it took me a year-and-a-half to write it and get it ready and I worked really hard. It’s just no one gave a st. No one was like, ‘WHERE’S ‘LIVE BY NIGHT?’ But with Batman I keep getting the, “WHERE’S THE FKING BATMAN?” I’m like, “Whoa, I’m working! Give me a second!”

The Batman is being written by Affleck and Geoff Johns, and the Live By Night star is set to both act in, and indeed direct the stand-alone movie, which was set for a 2018 release date. That date may be coming in to question now though as production would have to kick off pretty soon to meet that deadline.

We’ll bring you more as it comes our way.

Here’s the Kimmel interview.