Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus was met with mixed responses back in 2012. Fans of Alien had been promised a film within the same universe, but the result, though visually stunning, failed to fully connect. Many also disliked that Scott strayed so far from his iconic Giger Xenomorph, so we were all dubious when a sequel was announced.

Our doubts may hopefully be unfounded if this first trailer for Alien Covenant is anything to go by. The trailer which broke just in time for the festive period points to the gritty, gory glory days of the 1979 classic. Watch it below:

The trailer confirms a lot of what Scott has let slip thus far, we’ll have multiple Davids (all played by Michael Fassbender), plenty of gruesome deaths (anyone fancy a shower?) and the beast is back! The jury is still out for this writer on Daniels (Katherine Waterson). Her costume and demeanour in the trailer point to our new Ripley; here’s hoping that she’s more than just another character clone.

Alien Covenant arrives in cinemas on 19th May 2017.

SOURCE20th Century Fox