We’re fast approaching the busy festive period, and as I type this, we’ve got just over a week until Christmas – which is frightening. Still, once that dreaded shopping is out of the way, we can all look forward to filling our faces with turkey and frequent tipples and settle down to watch a good old Christmas movie, or indeed one of the big festive specials.

As the big day approaches, the folks over at My Voucher Codes have been looking into what the nation’s favourite Christmas TV shows and films are. The results are quite intriguing.

They asked 4,105 people aged over 18 and living in the UK the following: “How much time do you spend watching TV on Christmas Day,” and then what their favourite festive themed films and Christmassy TV programmes were…

Top of the tree in terms of the Christmas TV shows is, of course, the classic Only Fools and Horse, which managed to attract 17% of the people surveyed. Just behind Del Boy and Rodders was the annual tradition that is the Doctor Who Christmas special, which racked up 15% of the vote. Following them in the top five were the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, Mrs. Brown’s Boys and the age old classic Morcambe and Wise specials, which still manage to pull in audiences to this very day.

The nation’s favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone. The festive fun-filled family epic about a boy who gets left at home one Christmas, brought in 17% of the vote, shortly followed by the original Miracle On 34th Street, which followed with 14%. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol strolled into third with 12% of the vote and then Bruce Willis classic Die Hard in fourth.

It seems we’re still willing to sit down and veg in front of a good movie or TV classic come Christmas time, and the same survey revealed that the majority of us do, in fact, spend between 3 and 4 hours in front of the box every Christmas Day.

Finally, the poll asked “Do you watch the Queens Speech on Christmas Day?” They found that 58% did not watch the speech, whilst 37% did, in addition 3% watched the alternative speech and 2% would watch it on catch-up rather than live.

Speaking about the survey results, Managing Director of My Voucher Codes, Chris Reilly, said:

“It seems, no matter what new festive programmes are produced, people still enjoy the classics such as Only Fools and Horses and Doctor Who. These programmes have been popular throughout the generations and it just shows a classic format works. Unfortunately for the Queen her, speeches seem to be falling out of favour with many people as less of us now tune in to catch it. “

“We all also have our favourite Christmas films, popular with families is of course Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street,” he added. “As adults we have also become accustomed to viewing films like Die Hard, which although set at Christmas aren’t really about the Christmas spirit but become a mainstay of our Christmas viewing. For many families watching their favourite festive films gets them in the Christmas spirit.”

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