Here’s a post that is sure to make you hair stand on end. The folks over at Cash Lady have come up with the following infographic which shows off the animals that are winning at life more than you. Whether is be Internet sensation ‘Grumpy Cat’, aka Tardar Sauce, whose net work is reported to be between £800k and £80 million, or Biddy the Travelling Hedgehog, who had 550,000 Instagram followers, before he unfortunately met his maker… this list is bound to bring out the animal in you…

There’s also Conchita the Chihuahua, the little dog who was left a massive £2.4 million in cash from her owner, as well as a massive £6.7 million mansion – all to herself. The payday was reportedly more than owner Gail Posner left to her only son! Also see Tinker the cat who also bagged a massive bag of cash in inheritance. The tiny feline pocketed £1.6 million when his owner died. Not bad for a cat who started life as a stray. What an inspiration to us all!

There’s tons more, so please do take a look at the entertaining infographic below.