La La Land clips: Take a look at the latest clips and promos from the forthcoming modern classic.

Watch the La La Land clips and TV spots below.

La La Land clips

Folks in the United States and Canada will get to see La La Land in a day’s time (with a wide release on Christmas Day), which is great news for them, but UK audiences will have to wait until the 12th January to see one of the best films around. Still, Lionsgate, bless them, have unleashed a whole bunch of brand new clips and TV spots for your viewing pleasure ahead of this week’s big domestic release.

La La Land is directed by Damien Chazelle and tells the story of Mia [Emma Stone], an aspiring actress, and Sebastian [Ryan Gosling], a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern day Los Angeles, this original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams.

“When was the last time you went to see a film where you felt compelled to applaud after every scene?”

That was the question we asked in our review from the Toronto International Film Festival back in September. This film really does make you cheer after every classic scene, and naturally we gave the film five big THN stars. Here’s a little more from our original La La Land review.

“La La Land is one of those films that I wish I could see again for the very first time, but it is also one of those films that I cannot wait to show everyone that I love time and time again. A stunning piece of cinema which is not only the best of this festival, but also the best of the year and possibly even the decade… No, really.”

Read the rest of my gushing review at the end of the link. La La Land opens in the UK on January 12th. Check out the new La La Land clips and TV spots below. These are all for the domestic release Stateside.