Whether we like it or not, we getting about 15 Avatar sequels over the next couple of years. Well, 4 anyway as James Cameron continues to develop them all over in a 20th Century Fox bolthole. Well, as you may expect, the director has some huge 3D plans for the movies, but it sounds like we may not be needing any glasses to enjoy the experience. Is Cameron about to revolutionise technology all over again?

Cameron was speaking at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

“I’m going to push. Not only for better tools, workflow, high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rates (HFR) – the things we are working toward. I’m still very bullish on 3D, but we need brighter projection, and ultimately I think it can happen – with no glasses. We’ll get there.”

The first Avatar sequel is set for release in 2018 with further sequels due every couple of years after that. We’ll keep you posted on any further news.