We reported yesterday that The Predator looks likely to start shooting in February and 20th Century Fox have officially backed an R-rating for the Shane Black directed redo/ follo-on of the 1987 action classic, and now more news reaches us as Black discusses the casting of Narcos star Boyd Holbrook in the lead role of Quinn McKenna.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, Black said that Holbrook and the rest of the cast may have to hit the gym prior to filming.

“You know, at some point we might beef up Mr. Holbrook a little bit, give him a physical workout schedule,” Black siad.“That’s what we all had to do on the first Predator! We had to become a slightly more exaggerated, beefy version of ourselves. It’s a shame — schedules just could not allow us to proceed in any way that met our start date that we insisted on with Benicio. But we do have this wonderful actor! That’s the good news.”

Benicio meaning Benicio del Toro who had to back out due to scheduling conflicts.

“[Boyd Holbrook] is a guy who is fantastic, and we’re gonna beef up the rest of the cast, and make announcements very soon about the members of this team that we’re setting up. And it’s all people I really want, and want to work with. It’s going to be a very exciting cast.”

Holbrook will be seen in the final Wolverine movie Logan before we get a look at The Predator, which, at the moment, is sechued for release in February 2018.