Shane Black is about to return to a franchise that he kicked off his short-lived acting career. Black has written and will direct The Predator, a new film in the highly successful series that started all of the way back in 1987.

Speaking with Collider while out and about promoting the home release of The Nice Guys, Black gave us an update on his planning for the film, and indeed a possible start date for the shoot.

“Right now we’re looking at probably beginning to mid-February. I’m heading up to Vancouver in a week or two to go into a serious pre-production, so we’re on the cusp”, he said to the site.

The filmmaker also gave an update on what we may expect from the film.

“I think the Predator movies have slightly veered from typical sci-fi in that there is a sort of thriller aspect to them. I think it should be scary, I think it should be funny, and I think ultimately it should be wondrous and about perceiving things that human beings very seldom get a chance to see… I don’t mean movie audiences I mean characters in the movie. I’m not saying the movie will be nothing anyone’s seen before”, he added.

The best news out of the interview though is the rating .It looks like we’re potentially getting what we want… an R-rating.

“I also made a case – and I think they agreed – that fans of the Predator generally, probably aren’t looking to go to see a PG-13-rated version of it. It would be more of a letdown if it was sort of tailored to a family friendly audience than if it were allowed to play out to the same scale and level that the first R-rated one did”.

Hit up Collider for more. The Nice Guys is out now on the home formats across the UK. The Predator will be released in February, 2018.