Ibiza Undead review: Inbetweeners meets Shaun of the Dead.

Ibiza Undead review, Kat Hughes, Frightfest 2016.

Ibiza Undead Review
Ibiza Undead Review

If Frightfest had it’s own version of Chinese New Year, 2016 would definitely be the year of the zombie. This year’s line-up is jam-packed with reanimated corpses all looking for their next meal, and competition is rife to come up with a new concept. Ibiza Undead is one of the films duking it out for zombie dominance, placing undead carnage on a party island.

In the world of Ibiza Undead zombies are commonplace and a new strain of virus has started appearing all across the globe. The disease renders people mindless flesh-eating maniacs. Our own fair Isle of Britain has been severely affected, but life still goes on. Zombies are managed and frequent scans are run to ensure that no contaminated hosts make it across the borders.

However, there is always a way around a rule, and there’s always someone willing to break it. Club owner Karl (Matt King) is one such risk taker. Deciding that deranged podium dancing zombies are just what he needs to set up his Ibiza nightclub as one of the islands best, he commissions a boat load to be smuggled in. His plan backfires heavily though as his cargo ends up at the bottom of the ocean. Of course the undead don’t stay dead and soon the holiday paradise begins to resemble a war zone.

Ibiza Undead Review
Ibiza Undead Review

Meanwhile, our heroes arrive. Oblivious to the other events unfolding they arrive to tear it up Ibiza style. Our group of unlikely heroes are Jim (Ed Kear), Alex (Jordan Coulson) and Az (Homer Todiwala). As is tradition in male friendship groups (at least in films) our group has the three distinct personalities. We have the nerdish fool Az, the sensitive sweetheart Alex, and the absolute jackass Jim.

More cast members include Inbetweeners star Emily Atak as Alex’s older sister and subject of all of Jim’s fantasies. As well as movie pundit Alex Zane, who makes a cameo as a club promoter.

The story moves along nicely but feels bloated in places due to an abundance of characters. Also, one of our trio of heroes, Big Jim, is a little too crass and sex-obsessed to win the audience over.

A sun-soaked zombie adventure than plays for laughs, Ibiza Undead won’t set the world alight, but it’s a great choice for a fun night in with friends. Inbetweeners meets Shaun of the Dead.

Ibiza Undead review, Kat Hughes, August 2016.

Ibiza Undead forms part of this year’s Frightfest programme.