Lights Out sequel on the cards at New Line Cinema.

The first movie has already taken $35 million just days into its release. A Lights Out sequel will now be developed by the original film’s director.

Lights Out sequel
Lights Out sequel greenly by New Line Cinema

A sequel to this year’s break-out horror movie Lights Out is already on the way from New Line Cinema. The first film was made for a paltry $4.9 million and released to US audiences last Friday. It has so far grossed $27 million domestically and $35 million worldwide. Lights Out 2 will probably go into production as a matter of urgency to capitalise on the success of the first movie.

Deadline reports the news of the sequel, which will be directed by David F. Sandberg, who helmed the first movie. The filmmaker is currently hard at work on horror sequel Annabelle 2, an off-shoot from The Conjuring, another very successful horror series.

Lights Out will release in the UK on August 19th. Here’s the plot.

When Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) left home, she thought that her childhood fears were behind her. As a young girl growing up, she was never really sure of what was real when the lights went out at night. Now, her little brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that jeopardized her safety and sanity. Holding a mysterious attachment to their mother (Maria Bello), a supernatural entity has returned with a vengeance to torment the entire family.

Sandberg spoke to the trade blog about how he got into making movies in Sweden. “My wife and I tried to get money to do movies in Sweden, applying for grants, and we got turned down,” he said. “I said, screw it. I have a camera and she’s an actress. I got lights from IKEA, we built our own dolly and made Cam Closer, this short where a phone allows you to see the future, and a woman sees her murder and then tries to stop it. We put it online, didn’t get a huge response, but we thought, this is great, let’s keep doing that. And then this British online collective Bloody Cuts had this competition for a three-minute short film, and we made Lights Out.”

Sounds like it was worth the hard work. More on the Lights Out sequel as we get it. Watch the original short below.