Beware the Slenderman


Director: Irene Taylor Brodsky

Cast: Richard Dawkins

Synopsis: Lurking in the shadows of the Internet, a faceless modern-day bogeyman has attracted the attention and fear of a young generation who whisper his name online. Slenderman lives on the dark pages of the web, where impressionable youth create and cultivate his mythos in message boards, YouTube clips and various other digital incantations. But the online fairy tale becomes a shocking real-life horror as two 12-year-old girls, guided by their devotion to Slenderman, lure their friend into the woods to attempt a seemingly inexplicable, brutal murder. From the depths of one the Internet’s most unsettling creations to the court case that must consider the consequences, Beware the Slenderman brings to light questions of accountability in an age where young, growing minds are only a few clicks away from creating and consuming something that may influence them to commit unspeakable crimes.

Why We Want to Watch It: Despite sounding like a very intriguing horror film, Beware the Slenderman is actually a documentary. Since the above mentioned case Slenderman has become a cyber Bloody Mary. We’re hoping this documentary will fill us in on the Slenderman details.