Stephen Lang played the villain in James Cameron‘s Avatar, and he’s also rumoured to be appearing in the some of the sequels, but before then he stars in new horror film Don’t Breathe.

The trailer for the Ghost House produced movie landed online earlier today via Sony Pictures. In it Lang plays a a blind man whose house comes under attack from a group of teenagers.

As trailers go, we can’t help but think that this one is little too spoilerific. Last week a trailer was released for The Woods and it managed to grab our interest without giving the game away. Sadly Don’t Move goes too far, we even see what is more than likely the death of one the group. We can only hope that it’s being sneaky, but horror films often give away all the good bits in the trailer in the hopes of drawing us in.

Don’t Breathe is being directed by Fede Alvarez, the man who remade Evil Dead. Lang’s home invaders also consists of Jane Levy who worked with Alvarez on Evil DeadGoosebump‘s Dylan Minnette and It Follows’ Daniel ZovattoIt arrives in UK cinemas on 9th September.

SOURCESony Pictures