Looper 3

Rian Johnson will next year release his biggest feature film to date, the eighth film in that little known Star Wars franchise. The film will be the director’s fourth feature, and follows the success of Brick, Brother’s Bloom and Looper. It’s a bold choice from Disney, but when you have a catalogue of films as strong as Johnson it isn’t really a risk.

Along his journey to the big leagues Johnson has always seemed to stay grounded and often the cast and crew of his films are made up of his closest friends and relatives. His cousin Nathan Johnson has scored his movies whilst his other cousin Zachary Johnson has created some very cool artwork. Johnson also has two actors whom he keeps going back to, having met on the set of Brick Johnson formed a tight bond with both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Noah Segan. The duo appear in all three previous works and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon as word has reached us that Noah will feature in the next Star Wars film.

We here at team THN have been talking about this inevitable casting ever since Rian Johnson was announced as director, it’s been a long wait but now we’ve had the confirmation via Birth. Movies. Death that our favourite star of unconventional horrors has snagged a mystery part in the film. Last week Segan’s social media channels were full of snapshots from in and around London so he could have already filmed his part, or then again he could have just been meeting with the make-up / costuming teams.

With Segan now onboard surely it can’t be too much longer until JGL also confirms an appearance. If Daniel Craig can be a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens then surely there’s room for the talented multi-hyphen?