Legend Of Tarzan sequel planned at Warner Brothers? David Yates reveals that there is an outline for a potential sequel to this summer’s big release?

This morning, we had the opportunity to spend some time looking at some really quite brilliant footage from this summer’s upcoming Legend Of Tarzan. While we take to our dictaphone to write up some of the juicy tidbits, we thought we’d share the following newsworthy bit which came up right at the end of the press conference. The news surrounds a potential Legend Of Tarzan sequel.

Legend Of Tarzan sequel

The footage, in short, is quite impressive, and easily matches some of the superb CGI that we’ve seen in this past week’s big release, The Jungle Book. The film was mostly created on sound stages in Leavesden on the outskirts of London, and like Disney’s box-office bohemoth, takes us to the wilds of the jungle with some spectacular computer-generated rainforests, and superb animated (not motion captured) animal characters.

Warner Brothers, as they should be, are super-confident with director David Yates‘ film, and it looks like this could be the first of many. Are we about to get a ‘Tarzan’ universe? Yates described his forthcoming summer adventure.

“It’s a highly entertaining, and very moving two hours in the cinema which will take us to a place that you haven’t been to in a while, and one which we’d like to take you to again. If you come and watch it.”

That comment stirred immediate interest in the audience. So, is a Legend Of Tarzan sequel already planned?

“We have an outline, which we’re really excited about,” Yates said to the screening room, full of journalists from across Europe.

So in short, and of course we’re just speculating here from his comments, but there could be more than one planned movie in the Tarzan universe. Could this be the next big franchise at Warner Brothers?

More news as we get it.