Tessa Thompson Thor news: Creed actress will appear in the third Thor movie opposite Chris Hemsworth.

Tessa Thompson, who delighted in the superb Rocky revival Creed, is to head to the Marvel universe and specifically Thor: Ragnarok. More on the Tessa Thompson Thor news below.

Tessa Thompson Thor

Thompson will apparently play a hero in the planned film, as well as a love interest for Chris Hemsworth‘s title character. The other news is that Natalie Portman, who played the love interest in the previous two movies, will not return for a third outing, so reports Deadline.

We have not further details as to who Thompson will play in the film, but the internet is already speculating that the actress could be playing the role of Valkyrie or even Amora the Enchantress. Here are some character descriptions for both of them.

Amora the Enchantress (via WikiPedia)

Angry at Thor for rejecting her in favor of Sif, the Enchantress helps Loki in his plot to defeat Thor and kill Odin. However, she relents and saves Thor’s life, before aiding in the struggle against the Hulk. Amora appears in the animated film Thor: Tales of Asgard, voiced by Ashleigh Ball.

Valkyrie (via Marvel)

Amora magically transformed Samantha Parrington into a raging, man-hating facsimile of the Asgardian warrior goddess Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, whose form and might Amora could replicate at will, having trapped Brunnhilde’s soul in a mystical crystal centuries earlier.

Click the links above for more on those two characters. What we do know is that Tom Hiddleston is to return for the third Thor movie as Loki, Jamie Alexander will come back as Sif, and Anthony Hopkins will reprise his role as Odin. Cate Blanchett is set to play the film’s villain and Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/ The Hulk is also set to appear.

More Tessa Thompson Thor news as we get it.