Light’s Out is easily one of the scariest films we’ve ever seen, an impressive feat considering it was under three minutes long. The short (which you can see here) saw a young woman sinisterly stalked by a shadowy figure whenever she turned the light off. Fittingly, the short went viral and caught the attention of Warner Brothers who have put money into turning the tale from three minute scare to feature length freak fest, but will the extended run time work? Check out the first trailer now:

Starring Teresa Palmer and Billy Burke the trailer definitely seems to infer that the film will retain a lot of the atmosphere from the original short. Confidence should also put into the fact that original director David Sandberg is at the helm again, he’s also brought his original leading lady, Lotta Losten, along for the ride.

Light’s Out will scare its way into UK cinemas on 19th August 2016.