18655157596_4800dec6e8_bNormally once you’ve completed a game you love, you have to wait a good couple of years for the next game in the franchise to find out what happens to the character next. But some game characters are becoming so popular that people want to experience more of their stories, and luckily Hollywood is more than happy to make movies based on them.

In the first 5 months of 2016 alone, at least three big gaming names are scheduled for release in the cinema. The excitement over the release of Deadpool has been building steadily since it was announced, leading many to believe it’ll be the most popular movie adaption of a game ever. The trailers featuring Ryan Reynolds as the lead character have already clocked up tens of millions of views on YouTube and looks sure to be a big hit when it’s released worldwide in February.

Later in the year Ratchet and Clank will star in their own animated big screen adventure which will no doubt make a new generation of fans fall in love with the classic duo. But it’s not just console games that are inspiring Hollywood, as one of the world’s biggest selling apps Angry Birds has also been turned into a movie which is expected to be released in May.

One of the big reasons why films based on games do so well is that they already have a big group of loyal fans eager to watch a new adventure based on their favourite characters. When it comes to gaming fans, very few can boast a fan base as dedicated and loyal as that of Tomb Raider. That’s why the producers of the movie adaption could be confident they had a hit on their hands despite it being one of the first movies to be based on a game.

The fan base of the game is so large that it has spawned a wide range of merchandise and even an online gambling game. When it comes to Tomb Raider, everyone knows that the franchise has been well known for its groundbreaking graphics and game play. Lucky Nugget Casino have paid tribute to both of those things by creating a game with graphics of the same high standard the games fans have enjoyed on the console version.

But adapting things we love so we can enjoy them in new ways is no new concept, it’s something big businesses have been doing for years. For example, millions of people around the world love playing casino games but our increasingly busy lives mean that we struggle to find time to play the traditional game. But by moving the traditional game to online gambling, more people than ever before in its history that spans back to Roman times can enjoy games like poker on sites like Lucky Nugget Casino wherever they are.

As well as turning traditional games into online gambling sites, movie adaptions of games are nothing new, as 2015 proved with big releases like Hitman: Agent 47 and Pixels grossing millions of dollars worldwide. More and more movie producers are looking to games consoles for inspiration after franchises like Resident Evil and Max Payne proved big success with audiences.

So after 2016, will the phenomenon for movies based on games continue? Well it’s already rumoured that a third Tomb Raider film will be released in 2017, a whole 16 years after the first one hit the big screen. Hollywood has even bizarrely agreed a deal with Hasbro to make a film based on of one of the world’s biggest but somewhat simple board game Monopoly. So if a game with as little a back story as Monopoly can be turn into a Hollywood film, maybe we could even see films based on games as random as Solitare in the future. Maybe if you play online gambling games your life could be turned into a film called ‘Online Gambling: The Tale of One Person’s Road to Riches’. All we know is that as long as talented people keep developing games, there will be people in Hollywood looking to them for inspiration.